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Requesting Appointments

Scheduling power, now in your customer’s hands.

Anyone can shop online for anything, anywhere, any time. Why should booking an appointment be any different? Appointment Requests let your customers provide times that work for them on your website. Let customers engage the way they want to.

  • Appointment Types
  • Provider Management
  • Text Response Templates

Online Scheduling Respond when you want to
Scheduling power, now in your customer’s hands
Approving Requests

Respond when you want to.

Unlike phone calls, Weave's Online Scheduling gives you the flexibility to approve each appointment request when it's convenient for you. So feel free to give your full attention to that customer that just walked in.


Online Scheduling now has appointment writebacks. Once you approve a request, Weave automatically creates the appointment in your PMS/EHR.*

PMS/EHR Calendar Sync: Your practice's appointment availability is synced and shown as your customers request appointments on your website in real-time.

*Appointment Writebacks and Calendar Sync only for EagleSoft, OpenDental, OfficeMate & Crystal - more to come.

Book from your Website

Make your website work for you.

Customers can schedule an appointment straight from the convenience of your practice website. Simply add an engaging button on your website and attract new customers to easily book their first appointment with you.

Your office, just a text away

With the ability to do much more on one unified platform, more small businesses and healthcare practices are switching to Weave.

Josh Twiss

Iron Horse Pediatric Dentistry
“This makes it so smooth and easy for the parents who are always on the go and have multiple appointment times. They can check their appointment times and change appointments quickly, which they almost never do if they have to make a phone call. This gets people to communicate with us.”

Todd Snyder

“The fact that I can instantly text every one of my patients and get them to come in for an appointment, or set up a new appointment, or let them know of a change – it’s amazing! Even just using the birthday reminders to contact them with a nice message makes a big difference.”
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